SPA EAS:Yokohama Onsen- Natural Hot-spring

OPEN 10:30am~9:00am
Next closing day:7/1(mon) / 7/2(tue)



Weekly Discount Tickets Ladies’ & Men’s Day Deals

Weekly Discount Tickets
Weekly Discount Tickets

Point Cards

Point Cards

Pre-order Ticket Deals

Available form your smartphone Click here for more details.

Best Deal Coupons/Gift cards

Reception: Front Desk on 4th floor
Coupons, gift cards, simple packaging are free of charge, please ask at the time of purchase.

Night Extra Charge Coupon

JPY 8,440
(tax included 9,284 JPY) (5 spellings)
Valid for 1 year from the purchase day

*Used as JPY 1,930 night surcharge ticket. Please show it at checkout.
*Not valid if detached.

11 Entrance Coupons

JPY 21,000
(tax included 23,100 JPY) (Bath tax included)
Valid for 1 year from the purchase day.

*Not valid if detached.

Gift card (All days entry ticket)

JPY 2,140
(tax included 2,354 JPY) Sold separately (Bath tax included)
Valid for 1 year from the purchase day.


Monday-Friday JPY 2,140 (JPY 2,354 tax included)
※JPY100 bath tax excluded
Point Cards JPY 2,040 (JPY 2,244 tax included)
※JPY100 bath tax excluded
Extra charges on weekends and holidays +JPY 330
Night surcharge
+JPY 2,123 (Check the night plan coupon here)
Special Morning Prices
JPY 1,260 (JPY 1,386 tax included)
Reception time 6:00~7:30 (bath, stone sauna until 8:00・exit time 9:00)
1 Hour Offer
SPA EAS point card members only
Speed plan (Monday~Friday)
JPY 1,080 (JPY 1,188 tax included)
Reception time 18:00~21:00
*Men’s Day Offer excluded
*After 60 minutes an additional charge of JPY 1,156 will apply and the price will change to the standard member price.

・Additional sauna clothes set at the charge of JPY 250.Towels for the stone sauna are at the cost of JPY 150. You can also use regular bath towels.
・Charges apply for SPA EAS facilities. Please note that additional fees may apply at dining and spa treatment & body care facilities.
・Please inform us before the use of Special Morning Prices and Speed Plan during check-in.

Private Ladies Rooms Premium Room

11:00~22:00 For 2 people
1 hour JPY 500/ person

For 4 people
1 hour JPY 400/ person

For 6 people
1 hour JPY 400/ person
One group for a day
Night reservation
Up to 4 people
JPY 5000/room

5~6 people
JPY 8000/room

*Only for women.
*Reservations possible from 2 months in advance.
*Advance reservation priority.
*Pre-booking is possible at all times but priority is given to advance reservations.
*Entrance fees apply separately.
For any question, please consult with our front desk when you make your reservation. Thank you. For registration and enquiries, call 045-290-2082 (10:30am~9:00am)


We accept all major credit cards.
We only accept credit cards for lump-sum payments. (We do not accept payment from transportation IC cards)